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Theres an issue with the save game. It wont save the last level, even when the game is activ, and i have to start over again


Well worth a buck...get it now....great game ..good Graphics...sound needs imrovment....

get it

fun get it while its free

Veryy goooood game

Its fun time. I love this game.


I Should of read the description. Just another brick game

Love it

Definally worth the .99 cent ...same concept as brick brcker, but with alot of cool special weapons n ships shooting..recommend it!!


I have really been enjoying this version of a brick game. The different balls are fun. I dont like how the controller is slow, IE: trying to shoot and move my ship seems to stop the ship from moving at all. I hope the controls get an update. I will up my stars when they do! Worth the $0.99.

Great breakout game

Good idea to insert moving enemies. Keep adding cool things and it can be the best in his category.

chillingo ltd

A surprisingly good play coming from such a promiscuous publishing company...

Not Worth The Money

Its a typical brick breaker game but this one has no solid beginning and no end. The game just skips around random levels and you start playing levels you already played all over again. Boring.

Break the Bank for this Brick-Breaker

Personally in the past, Ive found brick-breakers a bit repetitive and slow. And yet after playing this game, I actually found it fun. This game tweaks the normal experience, and adds on some great new features. Being able to shoot the bricks with a power up is a definite plus, and I still laugh every time I hear "FIREBALL!". Overall a good game with even better replay value.

Great game!

I specially liked the controls. Thre are many levels. It is the game to get!

A fun, challenging game!

Im glad I decided to give this a try. It reminds me a little of pinball the way you need to keep the ball in the air. It is a challenge to do so when the rockets are shooting back at you at the same time. The controls are okay. Took me a bit to get my fingers in order- one to slide and another to fire. I like the levels best that are more open without the grey blockers to try to get around. All in all this is a game that I am glad I have and will enjoy playing again and again.

Actually 3.5 Stars, I Round Up

This brick-breaker game is certainly better than most of the others out there. It doesnt bring anything new to the table and does seem somewhat repetitive though. It wouldnt hurt to change the background every few levels or so. Overall, this is a fun game and it doesnt have those annoying sound effects all the other brick-breaker games have. At $3, it is a bit expensive, if it were a dollar cheaper i.e. $2, then it would be a bargain.

good game!

its a nice game and well made lots of levels :)

The Best Game Out There

The coolest arcade game out there people!!!! 90 levels and tons of stuff to do!!! 4 difficulty levels awesome addons like fireballs and cannons!!!! Not your typical PONG! Highly recommended!!!!

Pretty cool

Fun game

Not Your Typical Block Breaker

I love this game. It takes the simple concept of block breaking in another dimension by adding a rocket bomber that throws well rockets at your ship. I like the theme of this game and the sound as well. Really well executed game and needs more attention than what the appstore is giving it. A little improvement can be made by removing the control bar at the bottom of the screen to move the ship. Maybe make us control the ship directly instead of an offset control bar at the bottom. It also looks nice to see the block explode in a neon fireworks fashion. REALLY WELL DONE. I appreciate this game a lot and hope there is MORE to come from you guyS!


Good brick breaker game. Interesting twist with the rounded launching pad making it that little bit more difficult. Alot of levels so the replay factor is good. Would be a good buy if it went back down to 99 cents

One of my favorites. A well made game.

I owe it to this game to write a review......a good one. Had this game since late Nov08 and have played it continuously. It is one of my favorites. It is a little different than the usualy brick breaker games and alot of levels and different game patterns which means alot of game replay value. You wont get bored playing this game. It is well balanced and lots of powerups. It gets hard too. I highly recommed this one, you wont regret it, especially from a price drop to 99 cents......nows the time to get it!

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